Established in 2013, Newnet Software enjoys the accolade of being the first online application form software provider to Security Industries, recruitment agencies, cleaning companies and constructions companies quickly growing to be a tour de force at the very forefront of technological development.

The company has now taken the next step by creating and launching the United Kingdom’s first online job application form for small and medium-sized businesses, a sector previously dominated by “blue chip” entities that boasted sole possession of this facility. In so doing, Newnet Software representatives say the company is offering to small and medium-sized businesses a way to “enjoy a glass of wine without having to grow their own grapes.”

Newnet’s job application form software presents unlimited benefits to the end user, including a paperless approach, elimination of handwriting errors, cloud-based platforming for 24-hour remote access, payroll-friendly features (eliminating the waste of resources associated with employers asking one another for payroll data), elimination of employees needing to fill out every time slot for different employers, elimination of HR departments needing to recheck hand-written applications, support for the Plant a Billion Trees campaign through the Nature Conservancy with every sale of software and more.


“In the UK’s Security Industry, there are very few companies out of several thousand that boast the type of software we’re offering,” says a Newnet Software spokesperson. “It can be said that large corporations have enough money to ‘grow their own grapes in order to have a glass of wine,’ but smaller companies don’t enjoy that luxury – so we are offering small to medium-sized entities a way to ‘enjoy a glass of wine without having to grow their own grapes.’

“Employing the largest dedicated development team in the industry and more support staff per-customer , we deliver the very best cloud-based software, service and products for this complex world we live in. What’s more, we even offer a zero-up-front-fee to charity clients.”

Newnet Software is also a proud supporter of Carbon Footprint Ltd (, a UK-based entity that strives to maximize commercial opportunities – from both sales tender and operational savings – while developing sustainability credentials that enhance brands, engage stakeholders and make businesses better places in which to work.

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